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Welcome to our magical place. A wonderful “secret” mountain of stunning blue stones and quartz. A source of life, vitality and reverse aging. A gift for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome Letter

My beloved Husband and I were fortunate to travel the world a lot. We were clear that this Moment is a wake-up call to Help Everyone remember the depth of Love.

This was our sacred vow as ministers. Maintaining the integrity of the teaching, avoiding “selling out” and honoring the different in every way… was the unexpected call to Ecuador. We were sitting on the bank of the José Ignacio River, the limit of our property in Uruguay. The evening sky was limitless with extraordinary depth and visibility. The moon was the largest and clearest we had both ever witnessed.

Meditating deeply on the largest of the three pyramids we built… I experienced a large star radiating from the sky and surrounding me. I listened to Ecuador. Opening my eyes, I turned to notice if Sri had also seen that light, he was already looking at me with his eyes wide open and said “Ecuador.” We had only lived in Uruguay for two years and were totally committed to staying there. And after a week, following our instructions, we were on a plane to Ecuador. When I arrived in Cuenca I sobbed with deep memories. It reminded me of our 7 years in Antigua, Guatemala. Cuenca was Antigua… only better!

My heart sang as we began our journey of discovery… and to honor what you are reading so far… it was on the last day of the trip that my husband agreed to visit the “ramshackle hacienda” in a rural town called Pausa. I found this property online within 24 hours of the light calling us to Ecuador. After two years of restoring our original 1815 hacienda in Uruguay, Sri wanted nothing to do with a remodel. However… as the heavens would call it, the moment we stepped foot on this sacred land, it began to speak with a clarity and strength we had never experienced before.

We understood why we had traveled the world to visit all the mystical temples of all traditions, known and often unknown. We were blessed to be invited to stay in the homes of those we now call family. We were clear that ALL of this had been to help us KNOW BEYOND A DOUBT when we discovered the greatest magic on the planet. We knew that purchasing this sacred land would ensure its protection. This was far from a home for two people…this is a gift meant to be shared and remembered. It was clear that many had forgotten the magic and our hearts are committed to the gifts of Peace, Love and JOY.

We have ministered to millions and in 2017 we arrived here permanently. To offer everything we had to ensure that the gift of this precious nature reserve is preserved for ALL of our children, children, children. May we open our hearts and remember that true gold IS THE EARTH ITSELF. Inhale Pure Air and dance with the free flowing water. Smile and breathe the gift of LIFE that sustains everyone. Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and remember the best of our humanity.

A unique wellness experience